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May 23, 2023

Slow Down Your Missional Rhythms

“Slow down!” is the urgent signal that appears on my car’s dashboard at least once a year. It coincides with the first sign of warm weather. At some point on trips out of town, when I’ve been going at high…


Saturate Podcast
May 24, 2023

Brave Cities

Have you ever wondered if your everyday life of going to work and living in your neighborhood matters? What if the work you do everyday is actually the space where Jesus had always intended to build His Church?


Missional Examen

The Ignatians believed and taught that discernment (what to do and how to live within God’s mission) came out of an awareness of how God moved uniquely through their days, relationships, chores, and daily routines…

An ongoing conversation with disciples and leaders growing in the gospel and growing in living the implications of the gospel in community and on mission. 


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