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Latest Blog Post

Redefining Team Leadership

Redefining Team Leadership

Most established churches in North America speak of the value of team leadership, yet the outworking, from church to church, varies widely.
  • In one church, “team leadership” is what Jim Collins has aptly termed ...
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Missional Church Transition Starter

Missional Church Transition Starter

In this resource, you'll find a simple guide to help you engage, develop, and coach missional community leaders in a group session. We've found one of the most efficient and effective ways ...
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Latest Podcast

Episode 065: The Relational Soul of Community

Episode 065: The Relational Soul of Community

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson, Jared Pickney, and Adam Breckenridge talk with pastoral counselor and spiritual director, Richard Plass about the underlying and bedrock of missional community experience: relationships. While we could ...
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Coaching Essentials

Coaching Skills Training for Church Leaders
Huntsville, AL
February 15-16, 2019

Saturate Coaching Skills Training is for churches who already have a coaching structure but need to help their coaches and group leaders improve their coaching skills in order to support existing small groups.

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For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14