For far too many Christians, the idea of being part of a church simply means attending a Sunday morning service, maybe a small group, or a sprinkling of special events each year.

Is that what God had in mind for his bride, the Church, when he sent his son to save her?


Jesus lived, died, and rose again to save a people who would live everyday, every moment for his glory. A people who understand the gospel permeates every aspect of their life. This begins with understanding ministry isn’t just what pastors do on Sundays and discipleship is much more than a class or program. Instead, every believer has been called:

  • to a life of 24/7 submission to Jesus Christ
  • to join with others on God’s mission as servant missionaries
  • to see ourselves as sent ones

Called and sent … into the space God has planted us to bring the experience of Jesus’ rule and reign into a dark world, proclaim the gospel, and make disciples

Imagine your city, neighborhood, schools and workplace proclaiming the glory of Jesus through word and gracious deed so that every man, woman, and child has a daily encounter with Jesus.

Want real-time training on what it looks like to develop a plan for yourself and others to saturate your own community with the gospel? Attend Saturate Everyday and get a vision for what it might look like to saturate your own community with the gospel so that every man, woman, and child has a daily encounter with Jesus.

During this two-day training we guarantee you will gain effective tools and practices to develop a clear plan of action for gospel saturation in your community.



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