Is your team excited about the next big dream for your church?

Will Mancini has graciously supplied us with five giveaway copies of his latest book, God Dreams. (See below to enter.) This book is not only a continuation of his work in Church Unique, but it’s the debut of a Visionary Planning model that has been fifteen years in the making. “I am not sure if I will ever be this excited about a tool for church leaders.”

Let’s find out what makes God Dreams so unique and useful!

1) God Dreams will show you in a new way why vision is deeply important for your life and ministry.

2) God Dreams will help you diagnose two pitfalls as a visionary: generic vision and obsessing with the present. Of course it will unpack why “thinking long” is critical. And I will show you how to blow up the generic, all too common, blah-blah-blah vision that plagues our minds and our “about us” church web pages.

3) God Dreams provides a new master tool that “snaps into” the vision frame of Church Unique. The master tool is called the Horizon Storyline. You are going love this tool and its five key features that make your visionary plan sticky and shareable.


4) God Dreams gives you templates to accelerate your team dialogue. Long-range vision is tough. It’s hard to get teams on the same page. These twelve vision templates will bring new clarity to your team within hours. Before long you will be inspiring the masses with new skill and content!

5) God Dreams will help your inspirational and creative team members lock arms with your detailed and operational team members. Yes, it’s like heaven when it happens. More stuff gets done.

6) Most importantly God Dreams will help you experience greater freedom, confidence, and progress for your life in ministry. You already have more busyness; now pursue more freedom knowing you are focused precisely on what God wants you to do.

What kind of dramatic impact will your church have in your lifetime? Don’t go into 2016 with this question unanswered. It’s time to discern it and proclaim it for God’s glory!

Download the FREE Chapter 1 from God Dreams, and then enter to win a copy of your own! Email to enter or retweet or share the post on Twitter or Facebook.


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