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Communities on Mission … Around The World

Beautiful Stories of Changed Lives

By August 8, 2016 No Comments

Gospel saturation is happening across the globe.

I have the privilege of traveling the world to equip everyday folks in the gospel … from church leaders, young people, to ministries and organizations … here are some of those stories.


Learn more about Soma Australia.


This is a story of disciples of Jesus made to the 4th generation in Risttee church (Tartu, Estonia) within a period of less than 3 years.

I, and others, have had the great joy of  investing in these guys, since before they planted.


There are 26 new churches being planted in Latvia right now. It’s probably never happened in the history of the country. (And, it’s an old country!)

Kaspars, who you’ll see in the video, is the main church planter and trainer we work with in Latvia.

After doing the camps for the past seven years, they’ve seen at least two dozen of these young guys go into full-time ministry as planters or pastors. Others have become strong leaders in their churches.

Baltic Pastoral Institute DRAFTS is a camp ministry which helps young men, 14 – 20 years old, understand the gospel, develop character, experience and value team work, as well as discover their callings in life. Learn more about BPI.

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Todd Morr

Author Todd Morr

Todd is a jack of all trades, and as such, is hard to pin down. One moment he could be on a coaching call with a leader in South Africa, or helping think through some of the next resources that need to be developed, and the next moment on a plane to Europe or Australia. Todd spends LOTS of his time consulting with church leaders and their teams to assess where they need help and how they can move towards greater disciple-making effectiveness. This happens with churches all around North America and about 20 other countries. He also has a passion to see churches united in cities and learning to work together to see gospel influence spread in their cities.   Todd lived in Eastern Europe for 11 years and has been serving church leaders internationally since 1994. Locally, he and his wife Hannah lead a Gospel Community in San Diego, as part of New City Church. They have five kids who love Jesus, sports, the outdoors, and spending time together as family.

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