2017 C2C Saturate Canadian Events - Saturate

Saturate and Gord Fleming, Mark Burch, and Scott Thomas from C2C have developed a series of trainings in key cities across Canada to equip the church in gospel-motivated mission. These customized Everyday events will offer simple tools for how to apply the gospel to all of life and how to live as a community on mission in the everyday stuff of life.

We’re looking for key leaders who will say, “Our church is in. We want that kind of help and training. We want to join together for the vision of gospel saturation in our city.”

This is far from just your ordinary training or conference. What we’re offering is a six-step plan to help you implement a feasible strategy for your church in your city.

Here is a brief overview of that plan:

  1. Online meeting with you and your key city leaders (your “all-in” partners)
  2. Pre-event assessment (learn the culture and DNA of your city/region so we can cater training to fit your needs)
  3. Three pre-event coaching sessions (to help you prep your people for the training)
  4. Event (with additional training time with key leaders from your churches)
  5. Event debrief (help analyze/discern conviction/next steps)
  6. Next step strategy to help plan and implement

The last thing we want to do is just offer another training . . . we know how that goes. Attendees get great training and are inspired, but a week later they’re busy embedded back into real life and all the training and good intentions get pushed by the wayside. We want to combat that by offering an event that will lay some groundwork beforehand, as well as offer follow-up support to help you implement next steps.

We hope you’ll consider joining us. Email us, and let us know you’re “in”!

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