We’re here. The new year—2017. What is one thing you hope to look back at this time next year and say, “Look at what God did!”?

Answer this question in the comment section for the chance to win one of two copies of the Saturate Field Guide, second edition (which will begin shipping this month)!

Over the last year, we’ve published some great content and resources to help you and your missional community. Did you miss one of our series? Here’s a quick recap:

  • Framework for Missional Christianity: The current Christian church needs to reconnect, not with a trendy new movement, but with the power of the original one. Go back to the basics and build the framework for missional Christianity with this series by Alan Hirsch.
  • Transitioning Groups: Move your small group from just group culture into a full-blown missional community. Todd Engstrom shares step-by-step how to achieve that.
  • Recovering Missional Moxie: It is due to our largely unreflective approaches to church, mission, and evangelism that we have found ourselves beached on the shores of the twenty-first century. Recover your missional moxie with this eight-part series from Alan Hirsch.
  • Redeemed Work: God cares so much about the world that He’s placed all types of people in all fields of work. David Achata’s three-part series challenges you to rethink your workplace attitude.
  • How Do We Do It: If you’ve ever had general questions about missional communities, this series is for you. Jeff Vanderstelt, David Achata, and more of the Saturate team answer some of the most common questions we receive about MCs.
  • Raising Financial Support: When it comes to fundraising for your ministry, do you find it hard to trust God? Tim Parlier’s series will encourage you and give you practical steps to achieve financial support.
  • Celebrating Advent: Brad Watson shares his advice on keeping the holidays focused on the true meaning of Christmas. He also shares his family’s tradition of reaching out to his neighbors and how you can do the same.

Do you have any topics or series you’d like to see covered in 2017? Let us know!

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  1. When I look back at 2017, I will be excited to see what God has done in the expansion of our church. As we remodel the old high school building to create a larger church, the potential for missional teaching and community outreach is infinite! I am excited to be a part of this expansion and look forward to using the knowledge I gained at a Saturate conference (and with the filed guide I hopefully win) to bring a missional community to our town.

  2. To see people that are not part of our church coming to Community Groups, getting saved and discipled!!

  3. Would love to have a local building released to us so we can begin a great work in our neighbourhood and look back and truly say – ‘look at what God did’ as we are humanly speaking, certainly not able to birth what is required to see the dream come a reality.

  4. To look back at the lives changed and missional communities multiplied and remember that it all points to the power of Christ and what he’s doing in our city!

  5. The number of individuals discipled who are now beginning to make disciples, who will then a year later, begin making disciples.

  6. I don’t ever move past the Gospel. Where I begin is where I stay. I have grown in grace each day, to work more fully the reality of what God has done for me—the Gospel—into the everyday parts of my life. (Borrowed from The Importance of the Gospel)

  7. That Christians in our church and other churches would have focused more on demonstrating Christ’s love and unity

  8. MC meals including neighbors, co-workers, families from school, gathered around the table feasting together celebrating Jesus!

  9. To have 1/2 of our life groups turned into a family that either nows or is deeply searching for who it is called to love…
    To have the other half in accountability to listening to God.
    To have started great things and stopped God things.
    To have rich, poor, young, old, believers and not yet believers in community together.

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