This week we released the first of this year’s helpful tools, Annual Planning: Hopes & Dreams

Resource overview for 2017

The primary plan for this year will focus on making our current resources easier to use with new guides, modules, and some supplemental resources. Resources will center around developing a toolkit (learning wheel) for a person moving from exposure to practice to multiplication and will serve as a guide through discovering missional communities (MC)— to participating in MCs —to leading MCs — to starting MCs — to multiplying MCs — to leading a church of MCs.

Additionally, expect new curriculum, video and print resources:  Gospel Fluency, Gospel Fluency Handbook, Story of God Guides and more.

A sample of what’s to come:

  • Curriculum for groups 

New curriculums (4-6 weeks) can be used as aids to foster discussions in community, gospel understanding, and a modeling toward mission. Easily integrated into communities on mission or a DNA group, the curriculum will constantly be pushing toward, showing, and even assuming a shared missional advance through community. Our hope is that these will be both helpful and useful to a seasoned missional community, for a life group at a transitioning mega church, as well as for a Sunday school class at a rural Baptist church. Despite this broad audience, curriculum will be geared toward an assumption of movement toward shared mission, gospel focus, and family living.

Our new curriculums will also be training wheels for leaders as they develop their voice and ability to teach. An integral part of a missional community movement is leadership growth and development. 

  • Tools and Processes For Leaders

Tools to help you lead more efficiently, accurately, and clearly. A carpenter knows the benefits of a hammer, saw, and tape measure. Likewise they know the labor hindered by using bad tools or the delay when they don’t have the proper tool. In the same way, we will continue to create tools that help leaders of communities on mission go about the role of serving, stewarding, and building discipleship environments. 

These tools will be simple, one-to-two-page documents that a leader can use to move their community forward, assess health, plan more effectively, and step into mission. For example: weekly and monthly planning guides, personal check-lists for launching a missional community, and cheat sheets on mission, community, and leadership for their reference.

Some will also be one-off discussions or exercises to implement with a group—for example, a group health assessment or common mission guide.

Lastly, some will be templates in leading their group through core communal disciplines such as prayer, confession, repentance, and serving on another. Hopefully these templates will help focus leaders in their preparation.

  • Equipping Modules 

These resources will equip leaders, pastors, and emerging leaders in many of the core competencies of leading communities on mission. Look for four-to-six-hour topical training via video, reading, reflection, and practical exercises. For example: starting and leading missional communities, leading DNA groups, shepherding, coaching, multiplying, and developing apprentice leaders.

These modules have a deeper use for churches, pastors, and church plantings. We also include teaching notes and aids to help pastors own this training after they have already implemented the training into their own lives. This could be dramatically helpful tool for the leader of leaders who is leading a budding collection communities on mission or a new church planter who doesn’t need to recreate the wheel.

Okay! Let’s do this 2017.

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