When we live in reliance on God’s unending power, the opportunities to accomplish great things for Him become endless, despite our human limitations.

Miracles become a reality, and what used to be perceived as an ordinary humdrum life immediately opens to countless possibilities. This is the adventure of living in partnership with God on His mission to the world. He leads us into new encounters and experiences, surpassing our human limitations. As we follow Him in faith, deep meaning and purpose bring new vitality to every aspect of life.

But in all of this, one thing can rob us from the thrill of following God into exciting opportunities and uncharted territory: fear. Fear can rob us from seeing His great strength shine through when we’re in over our heads. Fear is the nemesis of walking by faith.  

Fear rises up whenever we realize our human incapability. The truth is, we don’t have what it takes to accomplish greatness without God. When we compare all of the possible opportunities for mission in front of us to our own limitations, we should be afraid; at least that means we have some sense of reality and self-awareness. However, a minor adjustment in our perspective is all we need to abandon those fears, prohibiting them from robbing us from experiencing the fullness of God’s power. If we simply compare the opportunities in front of us to God, instead of ourselves, it’s amazing what kind of boldness follows. Instead of ignoring opportunities because we’re afraid to attempt them, our eyes become open to the countless possibilities. We search for them, and we boldly enter into new dreams that would be doomed to fail if God isn’t with us.

A long time ago, an old, feeble man who could barely walk asked me a question. With fire in his eyes he asked, “Do you know why David killed Goliath?” I knew his answer had to be good, so I simply said, “No,” waiting for his response. The man said, “Because David only had one giant in his life.” Those words have never left me. When I’m faced with challenging opportunities that are way beyond my human capabilities, I remind myself of the old man’s words from years ago. I let God be my Giant.

Are you looking for opportunities to engage in God’s mission to the world more fully? Are your eyes open to the endless possibilities in how God can use YOU as part of His reconciling work to the world? Are there ideas that have come through your mind that you’d never fully entertain because they are WAY beyond you? Don’t let those be your giants. They might be too big for you, but nothing is bigger than God. If He is leading you to dreams, He has every intention of leading you as you walk through uncharted waters as well. Who is your giant?

Who or what is your giant, and how can you let God be your Giant?

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