It’s Labor Day, which means summer officially comes to a close, and we all gear up for the “normal” life that fall brings. The summer has been really busy for us, too, and we want to highlight a few of the resources we’ve been working on that can be incredibly helpful for you in this upcoming season.

Resources for Every Disciple

We’re constantly developing tools and resources that can help every man, woman, and, yes, children live out the implications of the gospel and their identity in Christ. This summer we released two resources we hope can facilitate every person’s participation in the mission of God in the places God has put them.

Questions to Help Disciples Grow — This tool poses the important questions we need to be asking ourselves daily and weekly as we reorient our lives to Jesus. As you ask these questions, you’ll see the Spirit lead you into faithful discipleship. This resource is based off Todd Morr’s blog, The Five Biblical Priorities for Every Disciple.

Stepping Into Our Gospel Identity — Todd Morr created this one-page document to give people ideas and clarity on what it would look like to live as worshipper, child of God, servant to Jesus, and missionary empowered by the Spirit throughout the course of a month. This tool helps you focus and engage; try it!

Resources For Leaders

Leading a community comes with challenges, and getting back into the grove of community life after summer can definitely be one of the bigger challenges. We think these resources can really help you gain focus, clarity, and options on moving forward into the fall.

Cheat Sheets — Sometimes, you need a quick reminder about who you are, what you’re doing, and the goals of your community. This summer we released a few cheat sheets just for leaders. The Leader’s Cheat Sheet focuses on your role, calling, priorities, and responsibilities. The Common Mission Cheat Sheet brings quick clarity to the purpose of your community.

Planning Resources — Often the biggest hurdle for leaders in gathering and leading their communities toward intentional disciple-making is planning. While it’s important to focus on articulating the gospel, leading discussions, and pursuing life-on-life, planning is truly a key aspect of leadership. We created two planning templates to help you do that monthly and weekly.

Group Discussion Guides and Exercises — We also want to equip leaders with guides toward important and catalytic discussions with your community. Two of the most fruitful conversations you can have as a missional community are on the role of the Holy Spirit and on the individual people God has sent you to. Check out our two guides we release this summer: Empowered by the Spirit for Life on Mission and Who Am I Sent To?

Important Resources for Churches and Teams

Lastly, one of our primary goals is to resource churches as a whole for making disciples of Jesus. I’m thrilled about how the two resources turned out this summer, and I know they’ll be helpful to many church leadership teams.

But How do We Do It? — This ebook dives into the six questions we get ask all the time about implementing disciple-making communities in churches. Each chapter addresses a unique question and is written by experienced pastors and leaders. This book also includes excellent questions to help you and your team take your next step in each area.

Assessing Discipleship EffectivenessThis assessment tool helps elder, staff, and community leadership teams process and assess their disciple-making environment. It draws leaders’ attention to evaluate several key areas and will guide them to take time to listen to the Spirit. The goal is that leaders will walk away with next steps toward creating an effective disciple-making environment. It’s based on Todd Morr’s article on Creating an Effective Discipleship Environment.

Looking Forward

I’m excited about all God is doing in the lives of disciples across the world and how we’re able to play a small role in their lives through the resources of Saturate through the blog, podcast, videos, or resources such as the ones I’ve mentioned here. As we look forward into the fall, we’ll be releasing the Gospel Fluency Handbook, The Story of God for Kids, and Growing in Christ Together. Thank you for the privilege of journeying with you in the process of making disciples in the places God has called you.

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