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Moving From Sunday to Everyday

Why We Are Hosting the Transitions Conference

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Transition – noun: a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.

That’s our hope for the upcoming Transitions Conference in August! That every leader and church attending would gain clarity on how to effectively equip their people to experience all of life as discipleship and mission, rather than just on Sundays or at another meeting during the week.

Soma Tacoma began equipping church planters to plant missional communities around 10 years ago. At that time, we felt called primarily to church plants and younger churches. Over time though, as more and more existing churches began to come to us asking for help with their small groups, life groups, or community groups, we felt called to try and learn how to help these churches.

A Growing Need

As we began to do more of this transitioning work with existing churches, we realized that we were going to need to build an entire team and training platform that could focus on this work, and so Saturate was born. Now, as we work with a growing number of churches throughout North America and around the world that want their people to experience deeper community and more focused mission; we believe the time is right to capture and share some of what we’ve learned. That’s how the idea for a Transitions Conference began to form over 3 years ago and now we believe we’re finally ready.

We know that many churches are ready for this as well because we spend each week coaching, resourcing, and having these conversations with churches all over the world. We are excited about the potential of gathering a group of churches that are hungry to become more effective at making disciples that can saturate their neighborhoods and cities with the Gospel!

Growing Fruit

There are many compelling stories of churches both large and small, both young and old that we work with, that are experiencing exciting fruit in the lives of their people, neighborhoods, and cities. As churches have begun to place a high priority on the training, coaching, and shepherding of their people to live as communities on mission, they’re seeing their churches revitalized. Christians are growing in their vision and passion to reach the lost around them and are growing in their ability to share the gospel more frequently and more naturally in everyday life.

Learning Together

These are some of the stories we’ll be telling and some of the details we’ll be discussing at the conference. What have churches learned as they’ve made significant changes to how they preach and teach, how they train their groups, how they help their groups gain a clear mission focus, how they prioritize group life vs. gathering at the church building. Changes they’ve needed to make with their systems, structures, and budgets. And, how they’ve needed to rethink the roles of staff, elders, and deacons and the expectations they have for everyone, as disciple-makers and everyday missionaries.

I have an exciting job because I get to be in the middle of this work on a daily basis and see incredible life-change and church-change. Transitioning and bringing change to a church is a LOT of hard work and takes time, focus, and dependence on the Spirit. Leaders, who are in the trenches, need consistent encouragement, and they benefit from being around other like-minded leaders that they can learn from and gain inspiration and outside perspective from.

We believe that this Transitions Conference is going to provide that kind of environment. No matter what stage you are at as a leader or what stage your church is at, we believe this conference will bring encouragement, inspiration, and helpful equipping for everyone who attends. We look forward to seeing you there!

Registration is open now for the Transitions Conference!

Get everything you need to know about the schedule, speakers, location etc via the link above.

We pray that our time together in Huntsville will catalyze, unite and equip us towards gospel saturation in our cities.


How has God used other leaders to challenge you and encourage you as you transition your church from “Sunday” to everyday?

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