It’s officially summer! School is wrapping up, the days are getting longer, and your days and weekends are likely getting packed with exciting events, projects, camps, and vacations. While many of your summer days might already be spoken for, the summer is an incredible time for personal development, missional engagement, and community growth. I want to encourage you to make the most of this season by intentionally pursuing those three areas.

Top Resource for Personal Growth as a Disciple This Summer

First, summer is a great time to focus on your own development as a disciple. Let me challenge you to set aside time and process through our Leadership Development Plan. This short document will give you time to process where you are as a disciple and choose three areas to you in which you want grow as a disciple in head, heart, or hands. I suggest giving yourself the summer and choosing personal growth areas that can be accomplished in that time. After you’ve made your goal, look through our other resources, podcast and videos to find great content to help you grow.

Top Resource for Missional Engagement This Summer

The summer is an incredible time to engage new people in the mission of God and to connect deeper with people you’re already serving and loving. Summers give you access to lots of ordinary ways to hang out whether it’s local events (like concerts in the parks, movie nights, festivals, etc), pool parties, beach days, or going to theme parks together. There are so many great environments to hang out and flexibility in people’s schedules. I recommend using our 10 Ways to Relationally Connect as a start to your brainstorm. Think of activities you or your family would want to do, then think of people who are not believers you would like to invite into those things. Then, go for it!

Or, you could also choose one activity (like throwing a bbq, doing a picnic, or small block party) and do it every week while you invite others to join you.

Top Resource for Community Growth This Summer

Lastly, the summer is a good time to deepen relationships with people within your community. Use the long summer evenings to invite people into your house over the summer. Tip: make a list of the people in your community, choose a night of the week and invite a different person, couple, or family over to your house each week. When they come over, use our 10 Questions Resource to help you engage in meaningful conversation together.

Enjoy the Gospel This Summer

Above all, as in every season, we want you to enjoy the joy of the gospel, that God has come to us, redeemed us, and is making all things new, even us! What a privilege it is to worship Jesus and participate in his mission in every season of the calendar and every season of life. I pray the Holy Spirit guides you and leads you!

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