With Summer just around the corner our team wanted to share with you a few of our current favorite books when it comes to leadership, missional living, and everyday discipleship. If you’re on the search for something to read on an upcoming vacation or just in your spare time, we think this list has something for everyone. We pray that this summer is a fruitful season for your community on mission and that you grow as a disciple-making disciple.

PS: You can expect a second list of books in the coming weeks!

When Helping Hurts | Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

I read this years ago and am rereading it as a refresher. As our community sets out to serve our marginalized and underprivileged neighbors, I want to make sure we’re actually addressing root issues and not putting a band-aid on a festering wound leading to more harm than good. Here in Seattle, I’m convinced we don’t just need more service projects. We have those in spades! What we need is a gospel proclamation true help is rooted in the Good News.  Find it here.

– Amy Lathrop

Underground Church | Brian Sanders

The Underground Church is a fascinating story about how Sanders came to the convictions he did and has served to fuel a decentralized church movement. The church was meant to be a fluid movement, not a frozen institution. Like a good family, the church was meant to raise people up to maturity and support them as they go out to live their unique calling. Sanders book is an interesting read on this subject. Get it here.

– David Achata

Gaining by Losing |  J.D. Greer

I’ve always believed the church is meant to be an equipping and sending agency not just an attracting and assimilating one. Now, in my present role, I have much to learn in regard to realigning a church toward this mindset. J.D. Greer has done a great job being an apostolic leader who remains in a local church while mobilizing disciples outward to establish new ministries and churches. I believe I have a lot to learn from what he has done and anticipate applying many of his learnings along the way. Get it here.

-Jeff Vanderstelt

The Relational Soul |  James Cofield & Richard Plass

I’m about halfway through and I’ve really enjoyed the focus on Jesus and scripture while at the same time digging into very pragmatic realities of how our human relationships affect our relationship with God.   A quote from the book,”The way you relate, is the way you relate” has had me chewing on how some of my broken patterns of relationships are affecting my ministry, marriage, parenting and most importantly with Jesus.  I’ve enjoyed the new awareness and healing I’m experiencing as I’m encountering more of God’s grace to change and grow in the Gospel. Get it here.

– Tim Parlier

Making Room |  Christine D. Pohl

This book explores the New Testament and early church’s practice of hospitality while challenging our modern day ears toward the discipline of making space for strangers in our lives. While there’s a lot to missional living, it’s hard to do any of it without a proper and biblical view of hospitality. Get it here.

– Brad Watson

Parenting : 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family |Paul David Tripp

This book came recommended to me. Rather than piling on more to-do lists or techniques to incorporate, this book focuses on parenting out of the overflow of our understanding of God’s grace and love for us, such a breath of fresh air. Get it here.

-Sara Parker

The Gospel Comes with a Housekey | Rosaria Butterfield

Learning to practice hospitality is at the heart of what it means to live life in community and on mission. Rosaria defines hospitality as seeing strangers as neighbors and neighbors as family of God. From personal stories in her own life, Rosaria shows us the gospel transformation  that is possible from living all of life from a posture of hospitality. Her writing is absolutely brilliant and I would highly recommend it to all disciples of Jesus. Get it here.

– Sunee Hillyer


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