The most meaningful relationships in life are symbiotic: the people involved mutually benefit, encourage, and foster growth in each other. Growing as a disciple requires this kind of relationship by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the purposes of the gospel.

However, we often miss this dynamic relationship as we follow Jesus. Sometimes we experience an older person pouring into us. Other times, we feel called to pour into the younger. Still, many of us have settled for discipleship as a class, a lecture, a podcast, or a concert. When Jesus created the church and called us His body, His priesthood, and His family, He powerfully commissioned us to disciple one another in relationships. Meaning, we all have the “stuff” to point others to Jesus and the Good News about Him. In fact, it’s not just a possibility but a calling to share life in such a way that we disciple each other.

Why DNA Groups?

DNA groups are not the solution, they’re simply a tool to teach disciples how to disciple one another. DNA is an acronym for the basic work of discipleship. D, or Discover, is the act of listening to and finding the truths about Jesus in the Scriptures. N, or Nurture, is the act of speaking encouragement, asking questions, and caring for one another as we see the gap between what we’ve read in the Bible and what we believe. Nurture describes the way we call one another to repentance, healing, and finding hope in the gospel despite our limitations. A, or Act, is how these groups foster obedience toward the things the Scriptures and Holy Spirit have called us toward.

We found that through this simple and organized process, disciples learn how to disciple one another in all areas of life and in both formal and informal contexts. One of the best resources to establish these groups is Growing in Christ Together: a 16 Week Discipleship Journey.

I encourage people to participate in DNA groups because I’ve experienced the fruit in my own life and seen my participation in a DNA group as one of the biggest impacts my life has had on others.

We created a short video that will walk you through our response and these resources a bit more.


What have been the most helpful resources for you as you disciple those around you?

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