We have a new resource for kids, families, communities, and churches. I’m very excited about it. This children’s resource began as a simple guide for missional communities at Bread&Wine, a Soma Church in Portland, Oregon in 2009, during my first year as a member of that church planting team. At the time we had a quickly multiplying group of missional communities that included children of all ages and stages. As we grew in making disciples in that city our conviction grew about the need to equip the next generation for the mission and life in the church.

We created Gospel Basics for Kids to be a robust gospel-centered and missional curriculum that could be used in any situation. We designed it to be relational, story-based, and equipping because we believe the good news about Jesus is good news for everyone and every age. Over the years, that simple guide has grown and improved with the work of many in the Soma Family and Saturate world to now include original songs, leader preparation guides, and original illustrations. This is one of our most beautiful resources, yet! I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Gospel Basics for Kids helps form children into disciples of Jesus who can make disciples of Jesus. If we are to see our children living out their identities as children of God, disciples, missionaries, and servants, they need the same gospel truths that transform us. Gospel Basics for Kids is a 14-week curriculum journey that engages children’s understanding of the gospel, belief in the gospel, and living the gospel in their daily lives. Applicable for families, communities, and churches, this story-based approach roots children in the essentials of the gospel and the implications of the gospel in every aspect of life.

There’s a lot we’re excited about that accompanies this great resource:

  • A leadership preparation guide for each week that helps adults engage the content for their own lives before they lead the kids.
  • Beautiful illustrations, coloring sheets, activities, and crafts to help kids deepen their understanding of the gospel.
  • Conversation guides that help adults discuss the deep truths of Jesus with every child.
  • Tips, songs, videos, and more for teachers and kids alike.

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