There’s a time to create content and build a resource. And then there’s a time to stop, wait, feel, listen, and pray. As a team at Saturate, we’ve felt the need to go slow and not rush.

We believe we have resources, thoughts, and encouragements for this moment. And we’ll try to point you to those and share adaptions in this new reality. But, to be honest, we’ve never led disciples through a pandemic. We haven’t done missional communities on Zoom before. We haven’t been on mission to our neighbors without being able to invite others into our homes.

There’s a temptation to busy ourselves to avoid the reality of our world. If we’re busy, things will be okay. If we’re distracted, the day will be good. If we can do something helpful, we can avoid our own sense of helplessness.

There’s been an urge in me to create content around this pandemic because I want to be an expert, have something to say, and be a wise person. I’ve wanted to perform for you, too. But the Spirit has continually halted me and called me back to prayer, silence, and presence with my family.

Soon we’ll begin sharing resources, podcasts, and blog posts that we believe will help you walk in the mission of God in this pandemic. Before we do that, we want to remind you of the principles and implications of the gospel.

While we’ve never been in this situation before, we know the implications of the gospel penetrate the darkest of days, strictest restrictions, and weightiest of anxieties. The gospel does that because Jesus is that good and He’s already carried these burdens to the cross and through the grave.

If You’re a Disciple of Jesus
Remember, you’re a disciple of Jesus. The Savior of the world has interrupted your life to be in your life. Don’t skip past this truth: Jesus didn’t call you to come and die so He could use you; He called you to follow Him so He could resurrect you. Being a disciple of Jesus means He holds us as He sends us.

  • Pray your agony, fear, stress, confusion, pain, apathy, and anger to God.
  • Pray for our world to know the gospel of Jesus, not the pain of sickness.
  • Pray for your family, and ask the Spirit to guide you towards those around you.
  • Orient your life, even in quarantine, around the person of Jesus.

If You’re a Missional Community Leader
You’re on the front lines and, in many ways, the guiding principles of leading will not change. What you’re called to do is the same as it was last week; albeit with new restrictions, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Growing in Love for Jesus: Be intentional with prayer, study, confession, repentance, etc.
  • Growing in Love for One Another: Be intentional connecting with each other throughout the days with personal interaction, not just text or social media. Be aware of needs.
  • Growing in Love for Neighbors: Be intentional with the people you were already on mission to. Speak the truth and light of Jesus into their hearts.

Remember, you’re empowered by the Holy Spirit. You don’t walk through this alone, and His mission is being accomplished through you.

If You’re a Pastor
The Church is doing so much more than we can see. The Body of Christ is in meetings deciding compensation for employees in companies that have sent workers home. The Church is in hospitals treating patients. The Church is in policy rooms, governors’ offices, laboratories, grocery stores, online calls with co-workers, and so much more. The Church is more than our live-streams, and more than what we see in our Zoom calls.

  • The Church is a family. Point every disciple to their Father who sees, hears, and remembers them; who adopts them and has given them every spiritual blessing.
  • The Church is an army of servants. Point every disciple to their good King who reigns over all things, is making all things new, and empowers us to offer our entire lives to Him.
  • The Church is sent missionaries. Point every disciple to the power of the Spirit to work in and through us to give comfort, hope, love, and truth through our words.

It’s an honor to be a disciple of Jesus alongside you in these times, and it’s a privilege to share the gospel through these resources. We are praying for you, Church, that you may be strengthened and comforted by our Savior in this time. Please reach out if there’s anything our team can do to serve you.

Brad Watson for the Saturate team


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