Gospel Fluency in COVID-19 from Saturate on Vimeo.

When we’re faced with a crisis our tendency often goes to management. How can I manage my behavior, emotions, and beliefs? How can I manage other people’s behavior, emotions, and beliefs? We cling to control hoping whatever this crisis brings to the surface will go back down where it belongs–out of sight and mind. People are afraid, we say: Don’t be afraid. People are worried about money, we say: don’t worry!

However, there is a huge opportunity to pause and ask questions to see what our emotions reveal our beliefs about who we are, what God is doing, and who God is. This video describes how we can do that. More than that, after engaging those emotions; we can begin speaking the truths of Jesus into that unbelief.

This is an unprecedented time of opportunity to speak the truths about Jesus into the lives of those around us—in our homes, with our friends, and within our churches.

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