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Remembering the Gospel During Holy Week

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Holy Week is almost here and we have the opportunity to remember in our missional communities that what Jesus accomplished for us two thousand years ago matters in our lives today.

The gospel isn’t just the good news that our past is forgiven. The gospel isn’t just the good news that our future is secure. The gospel is also good news for this present moment. As N.T. Wright puts it, “Easter was when Hope in person surprised the whole world by coming forward from the future into the present.” The gospel not only gives us hope for the future in God’s new world, it also gives us hope right now.

With the uncertainty, fear, and anxiety that has come with this past year, we desperately need this hope. We need a hope that is bigger than the grave. We need a hope that is more stable than the economy. We need a hope that will never fail us. And we have all this and more because of Easter.

As we remember our resurrection hope this week, one way for missional communities to honor Jesus is through sharing the communion meal together. This guide will help facilitate a time of sharing gospel need and gospel provision. Participating in the communion meal during Holy Week is a tangible way to be reminded of our need for the forgiveness and healing that we receive through Jesus.


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How will you and your community celebrate Holy Week and remember Jesus?

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