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Discovering Distorted Images of God in Discipleship

The Saturate Podcast S02 E09

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In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Duke Revard talks with Nathan Wagnon about discovering our distorted images of God and the gift of reforming people’s view of God. Discipleship is about communing with the living God and participating in His Kingdom, but the over-correction to intellectual resistance has led many to abandon the experiential reality of communing with God, for right thoughts about God. We hope this episode helps you consider how God is inviting you to see and experience Him more truly and fully.

Duke Revard

Author Duke Revard

Duke serves as the President of the Eden Project and is a board member of the Soma Family of Churches. Duke lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife Caroline and his three daughters: Lily, Evangeline, and Isla.

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