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Leading Yourself to Ongoing Personal Spiritual Renewal

The Saturate Podcast S02 E10

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In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Duke Revard talks with Chuck Gschwend about leading yourself to ongoing spiritual renewal. Chuck has been on a multi-year, deep dive on all things Richard Lovelace’s book Dynamics of the Spiritual Life. We talk about…

  • A vision for your ongoing renewal.
  • Preconditions/barriers to renewal.
  • Currency, or the kind of environments you’ll need.
  • Fuel – the drive for ongoing renewal.
  • Practices – spiritual disciplines which make space to receive from God.

If you are looking to better lead yourself or others in your ministry to ongoing spiritual renewal, this episode is for you. 

Learn more about Chuck’s Renewal Cohorts here.

Duke Revard

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Duke serves a dual role as the Executive Director of both Saturate and the Soma Family of Churches. At Saturate he gives directional leadership and oversees development and implementation of Saturate’s key initiatives. He serves in a similar capacity as the Executive Director of Soma, where he splits his time between leading Soma and walking with leaders and churches as they pursue greater strength, long-term health, and effectiveness in ministry. Duke lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife Caroline and his three daughters: Lily, Evangeline, and Isla.

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