Today we are offering a second sneak peek video into a new series with Jeff Vanderstelt that dives into your most asked questions. We love getting to interact with your questions at live events and have been encouraged by your response as we’ve brought that experience online in this new Q+A series. Last post, we asked the question: Are missional communities just a passing fad? Today, we ask the question: “How do you listen to the Spirit and hear from God?” We pray this video encourages and equips you as you deepen your life with God and grow as a disciple-making disciple.

How do you listen to the Spirit and hear from God?

God does not want you to just have a relationship with your Bible. Rather, He wants your Bible to lead you to commune in intimate relationship with Him – the God who knows you, sees you, and has things to say to you. Do you want to grow in hearing from God? Learn to recognize His voice through the Bible, cultivate space to hear from Him, and be in a biblically-grounded community where you can test what you hear.

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Other videos now available in this Q+A series include: How do you disciple in a busy, individualistic culture? What is one of the biggest pitfalls in a life of ministry? Are we formed on mission, or before mission? More videos are coming soon too!


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