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Genuine Community with Bob Goff, Doug Logan, and Melissa Ice

The Saturate Podcast S02 E13

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In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Ben Connelly talks with Bob Goff, Doug Logan, and Melissa Ice about his recent book, Genuine Community. We all know that a church is supposed to be a community. The trick is to actually make it one. Bob, Doug, and Melissa each share what community looks like in their lives and why it’s essential as we follow Jesus.

You can check out for more info and download the 1st chapter. Activate your free Saturate membership trial at where you’ll get access to hundreds of resources on living in community, everyday discipleship, and  life on mission.

Ben Connelly

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Ben Connelly is Director of Training for Saturate. After 19 years serving in local churches together, Ben and Jess now get to serve disciple-makers and planter couples across the world, as well as churches/ organizations with a desire for sending. They live in Fort Worth, TX with their three kids. Ben has written/contributed to several books, workbooks, articles, and publications, and has taught university and seminary classes. He serves as an elder in The City Church (Acts29/Soma), which he and Jess planted in 2009. Learn more:

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