We are so excited about the release of our newest resource “Strong Church: Video Series + Workbook” that we want to offer everyone a glimpse into this new content.  The Strong Church Video Series + Workbook is designed to assist you, a church elder or leader, in gaining holistic clarity about the state of your church. It will guide you to build action plans to continue the strengthening of your church in fifteen key commitments of a biblical church, and it will help you and your team as you prayerfully determine the next steps towards greater faithfulness and fruitfulness. You can check out last week’s post to read more about why we created this series.

Check out the video below from the commitment on “Leadership Development” and see the corresponding section of the Workbook.

A strong church is developing an increasingly godly, diverse, and competent leadership core.

Strong churches are committed to building and maintaining team leadership and emphasizing Jesus as the Senior Pastor. Some have used John Frame’s Triperspectival Prophet-Priest-King grid while others have looked directly to Ephesians 4 (APEST) for a team leadership framework. Practically, team leadership requires diverse gifting, humility, and self-awareness with each leader knowing “who he/she is” and “who he/she’s not.” From this awareness, a balanced team can be built to serve all of the needs of a strong church and equip the saints for the work of ministry. A strong church has a working plan for developing leaders in every area (staff, elder, deacon, missional community leader, volunteer, etc.). In order to multiply healthy and effective leaders, strong churches give significant energy to equipping and coaching as well as pastoral support for the hearts of these leaders. A strong church is seeing holistic growth, year-over-year, in the lives and ministry of their leadership core.

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