We are so excited about the release of our newest resource “Strong Church: Video Series + Workbook” that we want to offer everyone a glimpse into this new content.  The Strong Church Video Series + Workbook is designed to assist you, a church elder or leader, in gaining holistic clarity about the state of your church. It will guide you to build action plans to continue the strengthening of your church in fifteen key commitments of a biblical church, and it will help you and your team as you prayerfully determine the next steps towards greater faithfulness and fruitfulness. You can check out this post to read more about why we created this series.

Check out the video below from the commitment on “Deacons” and see the corresponding section of the Workbook.

A strong church is served well by biblically qualified deacons.

The Scriptures teach that the church and the elders are to be served by qualified deacons. Deacons are to be tested for a season related to their character, competence, and capacity to serve as a deacon (I Timothy 3:8-11). Upon proving qualification, deacons are tasked with serving the elders in doing justice and perhaps in leading volunteer teams in areas that impact the entire church (e.g. gatherings, events, hospitality, financial systems, etc.). Churches that are able to contend for the scriptural parameters of deaconship and contextualize for the practical issues that arise in a given context will effectively lead their church to greater fruitfulness.

We hope you and your leadership team will join us.

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