You’ve heard it said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” The same can be said of our disciple-making strategies.

Jesus made it clear that our mission as His disciples is to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them into their new identity, and teaching them to obey all that Jesus commanded, which includes making disciples themselves. However, over the years, I’ve interacted with hundreds of church leaders who would say that making disciples is the thing their church is least effective at, and that they have no clear disciple-making plan for their church or group. If this is you, you’re not alone! We created this new video series as a place to start.

Whether you are a parent making a discipleship plan for your kids, a church leader forming an overall discipleship strategy for your church, or a group leader who is wondering how to form and lead those in your community toward Jesus, it is important for us to be thoughtful and prayerful in developing a repeatable process for making disciples of Jesus who will also be able to make disciples of Jesus.

We designed the new 12-part Disciple-Making Pathway Video Series for leaders of churches, micro or mega, as well as group leaders and parents to help them develop their own discipleship pathway for those they are leading. We take a brief look at the Apostle Paul’s discipleship pathway in Acts 13-14, and then describe how you can build a gospel foundation. After that, we walk through some key tools for proclaiming the gospel. Next, we describe how we can practically engage living on mission in everyday life through the B.L.E.S.S. rhythms. Putting it all together, we walk through a grid groups can follow to design their own unique disciple-making strategy to fit their context and situation. (For a look inside the Disciple-Making Pathway content, download this free companion guide to the video series.)

We’ve also included some bonus videos that lead you in developing D.E.E.P.E.R. training for disciples. So much of our training merely informs people, leading them to gain more knowledge, but with little to no practice or real transformation in their lives. And, in most cases, they are unable to reproduce what they learn with anyone else. The D.E.E.P.E.R. acronym lays out a proven process for developing disciple-making training that is reproducible, transferable, and sustainable. We’ve included two examples of D.E.E.P.E.R. training: Listening to God; and Reading God’s Word.

We hope these videos will serve you well, providing helpful tools that enable you to build out your own unique disciple-making pathway in your church, group, or home.

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