Missional Community - Saturate

What is a missional community?

Bible study group, small group, grace group, gospel communities, redemption group, missional community … aren’t these really all just the same thing? We don’t believe they are.

Jesus never sent His disciples out by themselves; He sent them out in pairs or in teams. He never intended for us to be a bunch of individuals on mission all alone. Jesus said it’s by our love for one another that the world will know we are His disciples.

A missional community (MC) is a family of servant missionaries sent on mission by God as disciples who make disciples.

A missional community is much more than a weekly event. MCs gather together at different times throughout the week to fulfill Jesus’ mission of being disciples who make disciples. Together they learn how to worship and submit to Jesus in all of life by learning how to love one another as family, worship Jesus as servants who serve others, and share the good news of Jesus Christ as His sent missionaries.

Every missional community identifies a group of people whom they believe God is sending them to love, serve, and share Jesus with. It could be a neighborhood or network of relationships. Some choose to love and serve local schools, the local art and music scene, while others will identify people they already are in regular relationship with or are on the margins of society. We want to see every aspect of our city blessed by God’s people: business, arts, education, government, sports, recreation, and social services.

We believe gospel saturation (every man, woman, and child having a daily encounter with Jesus in word in deed) best occurs through the MC structure and our hope is to see one missional community per 1,000 people in every key population center.

Our role in this vision is providing gospel-centered training and resourcing for the purpose of starting, supporting, and strengthening churches committed to gospel saturation.

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