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Saturate is a nonprofit organization committed to seeing a Gospel Saturation movement happen in North America and beyond. We want to partner with God, like-minded churches, and individuals as he brings about the vision of seeing every man, woman, and child have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed.


Our story in His story.


Our story starts with the story—the In the beginning . . . story. It’s a story of a good and great God who graciously created a glorious world and made a few people to live there, people whom He loved greatly. After all, He made them, and they were like Him. God then gave those people a job: to care for and steward everything He had created, including one another.

God loved them, and because of His love for them, they were lovely. Then a lie entered the world—the lie that God didn’t love them, was holding out on them, and instead of good, meant them harm. With that lie, darkness entered the world.

That lie became a vapor that slithered through and entered into every sphere of life and living. God’s beautiful creation began to break down and lost its once-perfect luster.

However, God was already on the move. He already had a plan to restore the world to glory and remind the people that He was good (so very good) and that His love for them would never end. He sent His son, Jesus, to mend, heal, repair, gather, and lead God’s people back to Himself. He then sent His Spirit to empower His followers to do the same for others. Jesus reminded God’s people of the truth—the truth that God would never stop pursuing them, never stop loving them, and never stop providing for them.

We are those followers, called by God to show other people what God is like through our lives. We are disciples of Jesus making new disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life, who together through everyday proclamations of the gospel are carrying out God’s mission of restoration by filling the world with His presence and thereby saturating the earth with the knowledge of His glory. (Hab 2:14, Eph 1:22–23)


A note from the founder: Jeff Vanderstelt


My story begins in Tacoma, Washington. God led my wife Jayne and me to start Soma, a church committed to equipping and sending every believer on the mission of making disciples in everyday life. Soma has grown from one church to a family of churches across North America and into Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia, all committed to gospel saturation. God has granted much favor and opportunity to Soma, and it is my desire to steward that opportunity through serving the larger body of believers in North America (and beyond) through training, coaching, consulting, and resourcing.

While we firmly believe the Soma Family of Churches has a key role to play in the vision of gospel saturation, both myself and Soma are limited in what we can do. We know it will require partnerships with like-minded leaders committed to serving the whole body of Christ together. In response to this, God laid it on our hearts to start Saturate. The creation of Saturate enables us to protect and care for the Soma Family of Churches while also serving the the global Church. Establishing a new nonprofit allows for us to curate and share the best training resources, while providing the flexibility to assemble and fund a diverse team to support and implement the vision of gospel saturation.

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