Four Roadblocks to Church Unity

  Rather than quarreling over our secondary differences, let us unite our resistance against the dominion of darkness and advance the reign and rule of the rightful King. Let’s start with a parable Imagine a resistance army fighting against an…
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Reaching Japan

  This is a guest post from Yoshito Noguchi, Pastor of SOMA Fuchu in Tokyo. Yoshi moved to Tokyo with his wife Ami and 3 children, Yuka(10), Nana(8), Atsuto(4) to plant a missional community. Now he has a team including people…
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Serving the Poor Isn’t Enough

  This post is guest written by Tim Cain. Tim is an elder over preaching, leading missional communities, training up and discipling leaders, counseling, and casting and protecting the vision of Kaleo Church in El Cajon, CA. Tim has a B.A. in pastoral studies…
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How Missional Community Life Exposes Unbelief

  When we feed our hearts with the gospel and allow God to influence our lives rather than the world’s theology, we will be strengthened to fulfill our calling to make disciples. Sooner or later every MC faces a standstill;…
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Moving From Sunday to Everyday

  Transition - noun: a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another. That’s our hope for the upcoming Transitions Conference in August! That every leader and church attending would gain clarity on how to effectively equip…
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Not Just Broing Out

  This is a guest post by Casey Samulski. Casey is a husband, writer, and entrepreneur who loves Jesus and making disciples of Jesus. He has led and coached missional communities in New York City and now lives in Los Angeles…
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It Must Be Experiential

  If you haven’t read the first part of this series, it might be helpful to check it out first to give you some context of where I’m going with the rest of this series. The next 4 articles will unpack…
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When You’re On a Larger Team

  This is a guest post by Aaron Kampman. Aaron has been part of a Saturate coaching cohort for a little over a year.  As a former NFL athlete,  Aaron has a lot of experience with coaching and its benefits.  From high school through…
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Easter with Your Missional Community

  Every season God provides an easy way for us to know, love, and serve our community through cultural celebrations.  In just a few weeks Easter will provide an incredible opportunity to hang out with those you either live next…
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Training Our Children to Pray

  Recently, as I was leading our family devotional time at the dinner table, I decided to use the four questions I often train on: Who is God? What has He Done? Who are we? What do we do? As…
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Revealing a Better Teacher

This is a guest post by Nick Crawford. Nick serves as the Family & Groups Pastor at Fondren Church in Jackson, Mississippi, where he works to see disciples made, matured, and multiplied across all generations. Nick came to Jackson from…
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Everyday Prayer

How to Practice Everyday Prayer “Pray without ceasing!” This was God’s command to the Thessalonians and to us. We need the rhythm of regular, everyday prayer Everyday prayer is about keeping the conversation going with God throughout our day. One…
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Where Are We Now?

Where Are We Now? So we killed missional culture by assuming the gospel, by casting vision without practices, and finally by not loving consumers. Here’s what you can conclude from this series – The Austin Stone is one messed up church.  We’ve made…
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Saturate Podcast

Episode 33: How the Gospel Comes to Students and Parents

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson talks with Tim Parlier, Saturate's student specialist, about how high school  students grow in the gospel through relationships and how parents are the primary disciple-makers of students.    
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The Ministry of Showing Up

  It’s not just a student thing though, it’s an everyone in the church thing.  We all need mentors, we need to be discipled, we need role models, we need counselors, advisors, guides. Last night I sat in the living…
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Casting Vision Without Practice

The first way we killed missional culture was assuming the gospel.  Keeping the gospel central also helped the 60% who were frustrated, but we learned another lesson with that group of people.
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Generations of Slaves

  The lie is that porn (or anything for that matter) can satisfy this true and deep need to be fully known, vulnerable, wanted, intimate, and connected. Last month I wrote an article discussing the E.P.I.C. generation acronym to describe…
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Holding onto Christmas

  Guest post by Nathan Thebridge. Nathan grew up in the Southwestern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Attending church with his family was a significant part of his youth. In his early teens, Nathan was given the option of going to church…
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Everyday Confessions

  While there are a hundred ways to do a gospel liturgy, if it doesn’t include some kind of confession, it’s likely not a gospel liturgy. Confession allows us the opportunity to normalize our need for grace and reawaken our…
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Leadership in Community

  A leader welcomes people into the mess of it and works with a community to figure out how they will do it together. Leadership is such a strange thing, especially in the West. The position of leadership is idolized…
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It Starts with Me

  This is a guest post by Sung Chang. Sung Chang is child of God living in the Washington, D.C. suburbs with his wife Rachel and soon-to-be-born daughter. He serves as a small group leader and worship leader, and has taught scripture…
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Saturation in Southern California

  This is a guest post by Hunter Benson. Hunter serves as the Missions and Mercy Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in San Diego. Hunter also supports Tim Keller’s church planting network, Redeemer City to City, as the City to…
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