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Reaching the Students of Today

Jesus invited his disciples into experiences, He let them make decisions and take ownership in ministry, He constantly used imagery to convey Kingdom realities, and He allowed even frustrating connection and dialogue between the disciples. Dr. Leonard Sweet coined the…
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Beginnings Matter

Check out part one of our Gospel Liturgies series here.   A single mom stumbles through the foyer, dragging a sobbing infant who’s sick for the third time this winter. A pair of empty-nesters stroll in smiling after a silent…
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A Christian Journalist’s Vocation

When we talk about Gospel Saturation we are talking about the truths of Jesus changing everything - every person and every place. As followers of Jesus this means that our places of work are saturated with the gospel through Christ…
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Gifts for Gospel Saturation

Give a gift that makes a difference. We know your inbox is likely full of sales, coupons, and advertisements this week so we don't want to add to that noise, but we do want to share with you some incredible…
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We’re Grateful for You

You may not realize this, but all the work we get to do is because of the people who support us. Everyday disciples are the backbone of Saturate. We wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge you all and say…
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Saturate Podcast

Episode 026: The Holidays in MC Life

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson talks about the challenges and opportunities missional communities face during Christmas to make intentional plans to grow together in their enjoyment of the gospel, as a community, and in mission. Check…
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Are Missional Communities the Key to Church Unity?

  Equipping believers to partner together as gospel communities and commissioning them to be missionaries in the everyday places where they already work, play, learn, and live will lead to a much more sustainable path to unity over time. In…
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The Beauty of Rest

  Sabbath ceasing means to cease not only from work itself but also from the need to accomplish and be productive, from the worry and the tension that accompany our modern criterion of efficiency, from our efforts to be in…
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Recovering Liturgy

  “Liturgy" is a loaded word. For some, liturgy drums up memories of musky pews and lifeless chapels. Many consider liturgy a formulaic and stifling approach to Sundays. Others look back with fondness on the rhythmic nature of liturgical churches.…
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Transitioning to a Spiritual Conversation

  “God has placed you — deliberately, with intentionality — in proximity to people He is seeking to restore to Himself, people He wants to be developed to their full potential, so they can take part in His plans for…
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The Root of Insecurity

  The Gospel brings hope of unconditional love that has no interest in dwelling on our faults and transgressions because of Jesus’ ability to absorb our punishment. Imagine a world with people who cared for one another deeply. A culture…
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Missional CommunitySaturate Podcast

Episode 023: How Artists Engage Community and Mission

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson talks with writer and Saturate Podcast editor Ben Fort about serving artists, comedy, and creating within the framework of creation, fall, and redemption.  
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Building on the Change

  Catch part eight of this series here. More important than desiring the fruit of missional ministry is a core conviction that you can’t do ministry another way. At a certain point in the transition to missional communities, you have executed…
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How to be Coached

  Coaching is essential for a sustained missional community movement. If you are committed to decentralized discipleship, you must make ongoing investments in leaders. We call this coaching—a process of pulling out what the Holy Spirit has already put inside…
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Episode 021: How Does the Gospel Motivate Us?

In this episode of The Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson and Jared Pickney discuss how the gospel motivates them for living a life in community and on mission. They also discuss ways to remind ourselves of the gospel daily and pitfalls…
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