Bucky Buchstaber, Author at Saturate

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Bucky Buchstaber, as a vocational pastor, church planter and leader, has designed major missional shifts for large churches, created curriculum and training for children’s education programs, facilitated youth camps, equipped young leaders, and provided pastoral care. His passion to advance God’s kingdom in and outside of the four walls of the church, his creative ingenuity, and his skill for development all converged in the founding of Fly Fishing Collaborative; a non-profit that channels anglers’ passions to help vulnerable kids escape human trafficking. When Bucky is not on the river fishing and sharing God’s word, or building a farm in a developing country, he is at home with Britta, his wife of 17 years, and their four kids, Lucy, Crosby, Griffin, and George, who all share the same passion for their non-profit kingdom work.

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