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Episode 18: What is a Missional Community Leader

In this episode of The Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson and Jared Pickney discuss the role of leadership, how you know if you're called to be a leader, what a leader does, and why the idea of leadership is so challenging…
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Friendship Counts

  If we miss true friendship, we may be devolving into using people as projects for our own self interests. In the midst of our discussions or training about building, planting, and growing churches, we must guard against slipping into…
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Two Ways to Transition

Catch part one in the series HERE. Generally speaking, if you are considering a transition to missional communities in an existing church, there are two routes you can go: top down or bottom up. Each has their own pros and…
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Walk in a Redeemed Life of Leadership

  Not only did we repent and believe the gospel publicly, we also walked in redemption and healing. We set our sights on learning from Jesus what it meant to follow Him while serving His church. As pastors, we must…
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