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November 20, 2018

Episode 64: Taking Small and Big Steps Toward Everyday Discipleship

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson and Jeff Vanderstelt talk about the tension many believers face: they want to see the way they're being discipled and discipling others transformed into what they see in the Bible (or read…
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Saturate Podcast
August 8, 2018

Episode 051: What’s Essential to an MC? Part 6: Repentance and Faith

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson and Ben Connelly talk about the importance and power of a community being rooted in the content practices of repenting and believing the gospel. They briefly tackle the topics of repentance…
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Saturate Podcast
July 18, 2018

Episode 048: What’s Essential in an MC? Part 3: Commitment and Freedom

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson talks with Ben Connelly about the importance of committing to the process of becoming a missional community and a devotion to Christ and one another.  
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Saturate Podcast
March 7, 2018

Episode 036: Leading a Missional Community Without “Superstar” Christians

In this episode of the Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson talks with Jared Pickney about how to lead a missional community that has people with varying levels of belief, maturity, and buy-in.    
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Saturate Podcast
September 20, 2017

Episode 018: What is a Missional Community Leader

In this episode of The Saturate Podcast, Brad Watson and Jared Pickney discuss the role of leadership, how you know if you're called to be a leader, what a leader does, and why the idea of leadership is so challenging…
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September 5, 2017

Friendship Counts

  If we miss true friendship, we may be devolving into using people as projects for our own self interests. In the midst of our discussions or training about building, planting, and growing churches, we must guard against slipping into…
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August 8, 2017

Glory Passers

Guest post by Ryan Latour for Saturate A few Saturdays ago I was standing on the sidelines, coaching our U10 soccer team. Standing is probably the wrong word; I was moving up and down the sidelines encouraging and instructing our…
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