Saturate offers two types of church assessments:

Healthy Church Assessment

This assessment gauges the strength and health of your team, disciple-making structures, and missional impact.

Why it’s helpful: Identifies areas that may need strengthening and helps develop a next-step improvement plan.

How it works:
Participant takes an online leadership and healthy church assessment. Following the online assessment, a call will be scheduled with the Saturate team to debrief results. A second call will be scheduled to suggest and discuss a strategic plan based on the assessment. A third call is scheduled for six months following the plan to check progress.

Desired outcome: To get an accurate picture of the true disciple-making health of your church and create an effective plan for continued growth and health.

Transition Readiness Survey

A six-question interactive survey to help you gauge your church’s readiness to transition the culture of your church from “Sunday” to everyday.

Why it’s helpful: Identify possible barriers to transitioning.

How it works: A short, guided, interactive survey that will help you assess whether or not you and your church are ready to make the transition from a Sunday-only church to an everyday church – one that is equipping members to make disciples who make disciples in the everyday stuff of life.

Desired outcome: A clearer understanding of your church’s current commitment to be a disciple-making church.