Church Leader Pathway - Saturate


If we’re going to see gospel saturation in our cities, towns, and regions, it’s going to happen in and through the churches in those cities, towns, and regions. Saturate’s passion and mission is to help you pastor and equip others toward that mission.

Saturate comes alongside churches to help you equip your leaders and develop disciples. We want to work directly with churches, leadership teams, and pastors to help you take the next step in equipping your disciples and leaders.

Step 1:
Understanding the Shift Toward Missional Communities for Your Church

Churches that are structured around missional communities face a diverse range of challenges and questions. Traditional churches seeking to transition have a host of unique challenges and opportunities, too. Let’s begin by explore the what a missional community church looks like and what the shift requires.

Learn about Leading your Church Toward the Disciple-Making Life

Step 2:
Evaluate – Know Where You are in the Process

Every church and leadership team is unique. It’s hard to know what help you need and when you need it. That’s why we suggest answering a few questions. We’ll use your answers to let you know Where you are and what next steps would serve you best.

Learn More about how to Evaluate - Know Where You are in the Process

Step 3:
Live – It Starts with You and Your Team

Often the best mechanism for change in your church is your leadership team. Churches don’t go where their leaders haven’t gone themselves and aren’t unified in. We’ve found these short books and resources incredibly helpful in moving teams toward unity and clarity.

Learn how to Live - It Starts with You and Your Team

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