Church Planting - Saturate

Planting + Strengthening Churches Together

We believe the best way to pursue the vision of gospel saturation is through churches around the world who are committed to making disciples who make disciples to the glory of God. Saturate is a nonprofit existing to both strengthen the global church as well as support new churches through the church planting efforts of The Soma Family of Churches.

Soma Family of Churches.

Vision:  A family of churches around the world who are committed to making disciples who make disciples to the glory of God. Soma believes this will lead to a gospel saturation movement where every man, woman, and child will have a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed.

Mission: The church is the missionary people of God sent into all of life to accomplish his purposes. Soma helps fledgling churches grow into mature, multiplying churches who reach their region with the gospel through communities on mission in the everyday stuff of life. Soma partners with churches across the United States as well as in countries like India, Australia, Japan, Czech Republic, Canada, and many more. 

Unity for Gospel Saturation

A note from the founder: Jeff Vanderstelt

The Soma Saturate story begins in Tacoma, Washington. God led my wife Jayne and I to start Soma Tacoma, a church committed to equipping and sending every believer on the mission of making disciples in everyday life. Soma has grown from one church to a family of churches all across North America and into Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, and beyond, all committed to gospel saturation. God has granted much favor and opportunity to Soma, and it has always been my desire to steward that opportunity through serving the larger body of believers in North America (and globally) through training, coaching, consulting, and resourcing.

While we firmly believe the Soma Family of Churches has a key role to play in the vision of gospel saturation, both myself and Soma are limited in what we can do. From it’s inception, people from across the world have sought to learn from Soma and it’s leaders. And, we eagerly said, yes! But, doing so depleted Soma’s resources and reduced the Soma leadership team’s ability to care for it’s first priority, the Soma Family of Churches. We knew gospel saturation would require partnerships with like-minded leaders committed to serving the whole body of Christ together. In response to this, God laid it on our hearts to start Saturate. The creation of Saturate enables us to protect and care for the Soma Family of Churches while also serving the the global Church. Establishing a new nonprofit allows for us to curate and share the best training resources, while providing the flexibility to assemble and fund a diverse team to support and implement the vision of gospel saturation.

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