How to Walk Towards a Saturation Vision - Saturate


We dare not stop dreaming. Emboldened by the power and purpose of the gospel, let’s take steps forward.

CONNECT — Relational Work

Set aside two hours in your schedule each week to connect with leaders of other churches and organizations in your city. When you meet,  ask about their lives, their passions, and how you can pray for them. Ask them about what they see as the big barriers and opportunities for the gospel in your city. Ask them if there are other people you should connect with.

Share your vision for seeing churches work together to make disciples in your city.

COLLABORATE — Strategic Work

As you meet with other leaders, take notes on the themes you hear, notice needs and opportunities. Pay attention to who the leaders might be that share a common vision for discipleship. Build a deep prayer list for your city and church in your region.

As you find leaders who share a common vision for discipleship, gather them together and ask: “Can we get together every four to six weeks to talk about what the needs of our city are and discuss how we might meet these needs together?” As your relationship deepens, here are important questions to ask:

  • What’s your story? Invite each leader to share their personal story and call to ministry. Learn the stories of how each church began.
  • What are your needs? Begin discussing what’s happening in each church or para-church organization. Ask what people or training resources you have to equip leaders and unify efforts. Where are the areas you might need help?
  • How are our groups doing? Take an assessment of how each church’s small groups are strong or weak. Where are the gaps?
  • What help do we need? Take an assessment of how you might serve one another with training, people, or other ways.
  • What do we lack? Discuss the areas where you might need to bring in outside help.

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