The Vision of Gospel Saturation - Saturate


We believe that to reach a city or region, everyday disciples of Jesus need to be equipped to follow Him in the everyday stuff of life. Churches who equip their groups to be on mission like this face a diverse range of challenges and questions like:

  • How do you develop apprentices leaders and multiply groups?
  • How do we equip our elders elders to serve within their gifting?
  • What does a corporate gathering look like that is both worshipful and evangelistic?
  • How do we use our kids ministry as a discipleship training ground?
  • How do you shepherd the hearts of people who are on mission?

All of these questions and more are addressed in the video series, Missional Community Church Realities. Designed as a supplement to How to Equip a Missional Community, this series speaks to key questions asked by many leaders. Each of these fifteen-minute videos can serve as a tool to think through how your church is doing in it’s disciple making effectiveness. Working to see your church grow in this way is a first step. But to reach your region, you will need to find like-minded churches to partner with.

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