Coaching Cohorts


Saturate Coaching Cohorts are uniquely designed learning environments for church leaders led by skilled practitioners.

Using a combination of cohort meetings over Zoom, Saturate’s disciple-making resources, and individualized action steps, you can join leaders just like yourself and get the support and training you need to move forward in your leadership and disciple-making.

What makes Saturate’s Coaching Cohorts distinct?

  • One coach to five cohort members maximum ratio to allow for more interactive discussion and shared learning within your cohort.
  • Theme-based video training by Jeff Vanderstelt with companion content guides.
  • Access to Saturate’s disciple-making resources, available exclusively to Saturate members.

To get started:

  • Choose the content offering that would be most helpful for you and your church right now.
  • Fill out an application by clicking on which content you’re interested in below.
  • Our team will connect you with a coach and other cohort members, and your cohort journey will begin!

“Gospel fluency” is the ability to speak the gospel to the real brokenness and longing of people’s souls in a way that they can hear—a way that sounds like the good news of Jesus for them.

Leader, are you experiencing the good news of Jesus personally? Do you know how to share it with those you are leading in a way that sounds like good news, and equip them to become fluent as well? This cohort will utilize video training by Jeff Vanderstelt as you grow together in becoming leaders and churches who are gospel fluent.


*Eight sessions total per coaching journey.

How do you create a disciple-making environment where people are led to increasingly submit to the empowering presence and lordship of Jesus in all of life?

In a community on mission, people come to know, believe, and live in light of the gospel, becoming disciples who can make disciples. Through video training by Jeff Vanderstelt, this cohort will process how to establish a community with this purpose.


*Eight sessions total per coaching journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Saturate Coaching Cohort will meet for eight 90-minute sessions total over the course of four months.

Each Saturate Coaching Cohort has one coach and a maximum of five members to be coached. Members are selected based on several factors including (but not limited to) availability during the week to attend sessions, similar experiences/contexts, and more. A five-member limit allows each member to be directly coached at least once per topic.

Each coaching session will focus on a topic from one of our Saturate resources video series. Topics will concentrate on how to fully form disciples in an missional community context, how to lead healthy communities, how to apply the truths of Jesus both to your own heart and life and those you are leading, how to multiply disciples and communities in your church, and a variety of other formative topics pertinent to making disciples and leadership.

Saturate coaches are trained coaches who are also are seasoned pastors, leaders, and ministry practitioners embedded in their local expression of the church.

Yes! All coaching members have full access to our exclusive membership resources, included in the price of registration. Saturate Coaching Cohort members will be directed to the appropriate videos to watch in preparation for each coaching session.

Absolutely! We want this experience to be something that is replicable, that you can pass down and process together. Apprentice leaders are allowed observation access only. This means you, the Saturate Coaching Cohort member, are the only one that will be directly coached and the only one that can participate in discussions during the session.

Listen to the Saturate Podcast Episode 6 to hear more about why our process was created and what it looks like. You can also listen to Episode 7 to hear some past coaching participants share about their experience in a Saturate Coaching Cohort.