Saturate Coaching Communities are uniquely designed learning environments led by skilled practitioners using a combination of video, online community discussion, and individualized action steps.

Join leaders just like yourself and get the support and training you need to move forward in your leadership and disciple-making.

  • One coach to five cohort members maximum ratio
  • Theme-based video content with companion prep guides
  • All-access membership to Saturate resources & online community
  • Listen to episodes 6 & 7 of the Saturate Podcast to learn more


Join a cohort today



Join a cohort today



Gain better equipping structures, systems, and practices for making disciples who make disciples.

Gain a greater understanding of how the gospel effects every area of life.

Learn how to lead other members of your church towards making disciples.

Learn how to implement missional communities in your particular culture and context.

Learn how to better handle conflict and address ministry pain points.

Grow more confident in your abilities to listen, assess, and create a plan of action.


Skilled Practitioners Guiding Implementation

With today’s wealth of excellent, widely available Biblical teaching, we doubt your biggest need is training. We bet you’re like us – in need of practical help applying what you already know. Saturate Coaching Communities (SCC) are designed to do just that – draw out and implement! Through our Coaching Community you will journey together with others to holistically examine pain points and conflict related to your leadership role(s), create actionable next steps, and achieve positive movement in your ministry.


Learning & Growing Together

Community is an essential component for life, learning, mission, and coaching. Each Saturate Coaching Community consists of one coach and up to five members — all learners and practitioners at various stages. Participants are selected for each community based on a series of common factors including, (but not limited to) experience with missional communities, role in their local church, geographical location, and more. The more each community has in common, the more they will learn and better support one another.

In addition, each SCC has its own private online meeting room, as well as full access to our greater Saturate online forum where new resources can be downloaded or ideas and experiences shared. The advantage of this unique learning environment is the opportunity to engage with others just like yourself – those implementing missional communities, transitioning their churches, and reaching their city and regions with the gospel. SCC members also enjoy exclusive access to monthly webinars and online Q&A sessions with seasoned leaders.


Reproducible, Scalable, Sustainable

The overall goal of Saturate Coaching Communities is to see you, your church, your city, and region saturated by the gospel of Jesus Christ. To that end, Saturate seeks to support your unique calling by offering approaches that are easily reproducible, sustainable, and scalable for any context. We are not offering cookie cutter methodology, but rather coming alongside you to draw out and contextualize what you’re learning so that you can begin to implement it in your church, neighborhoods, cities, and regions.

“I think about Jesus in the every day things of life much more. I'm also better at asking questions of others.”

Endorsements for Saturate Coaching

“It helps that our coach he has been through what we're going through, he helps us calm down our idealism and helping us see that ministry is slow and messy, and his insight is always helpful.”

2016-2017 Cohort Feedback

“I've grown a ton in my own life and ministry. One of the main ways I've benefitted is just in the area of coaching itself. Our coach modeled something really good for us when it comes to coaching - how to trust the Spirit's lead, how to ask good questions, etc.”

2016-2017 Cohort Feedback

“My coach has been challenging me and growing me in pretty much every area of discipleship. I can't explain it better than this has been the most growth I may have experienced since knowing Jesus.”

2016-2017 Cohort Feedback

“I went in thinking this would be more strategy, etc. and while we are getting to that, rooted in theology, it has been hugely beneficial for myself and our team in forms of personal spiritual formation to lead in ministry.”

2016-2017 Cohort Feedback

“I’ve grown more as a leader in the last 12 months, than in all the other years that I’ve lead community groups. I’ve felt less adrift and have a clearer understanding of what I should be doing as a community group leader.”

2016-2017 Cohort Feedback

“I’ve grown to be more vulnerable and open as a person and leader. Learning from the perspectives and experiences of others during our calls has been great.”

2016-2017 Cohort Feedback

“Having this regular forum to discuss and learn has helped me because I realize I’m not the only one struggling to lead.”

2016-2017 Cohort Feedback

Interested in coaching communities?

*185 per month paid annually, $2200. Or $200 per month paid quarterly or bi-yearly, $2400.