Saturate believes missional communities (MC) are the most optimal way for discipleship to occur within churches.

The coaching sessions will concentrate on how to fully form disciples in an MC context, lead healthy missional communities, multiply disciples and communities in your church, and a variety of other formative topics pertinent to discipleship. Saturate has identified several key themes applicable to both those just starting MCs as well as those with years of experience.

Saturate Coaching Communities will meet every two weeks for a live 90-minute online coaching session. Each session consists of follow up from the previous week, peer-to-peer group interaction, and directed coaching on the week’s video teaching. Each video session is approximately 30 minutes and has a corresponding guide for study and preparation.

Year one with SCC’s is about exposure to a variety of concepts that will help you create a solid foundation, own the concepts and gain movement while exploring many of the topics in the series, How to Equip a Missional Community.

Year two with SCC’s is about leadership development and traction with a focus on reproducible and sustainable structures to keep your church healthy for the long haul. Year two explores the topics in the series, Strengthening Missional Communities & MC Church Realities

We are looking forward to going on the journey with you. Apply today!

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