After positive feedback from Gospel Fluency and the Handbook, and talking with many leaders, we saw a need for new kind of coaching cohort experience.

Many times leaders think quickly about what others should be doing without first embodying the change they want to see. Because of this, we’ve created the Gospel Fluent Leadership Cohort.

If you’re a church planter, pastor, or a leader in a local church, this experience is for you. In a world full of leadership double-standards, we implore you—take the time to gain a solid gospel foundation for your life and leadership. It will make all the difference.

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This cohort is our most guided experience and lasts 19 meetings, spanning seven months. And should you want it, it will prepare you well to enter our other cohort processes.

The Gospel Fluent Leadership Cohort has three parts:


Part 1: Nine Weekly Meetings — The basics of gospel fluency for pastoral leaders; the gospel in us, the gospel with others, and the gospel to others.

Part 2: Six Bi-Monthly Meetings — Healthy, gospel-centered relationships for leaders; how relationships with God, yourselves, and others are transformed by the gospel.

Part 3: Four Bi-Monthly Meetings — Focus on the structures within a church context needed to foster gospel relationships. [i.e. missional community life, corporate gatherings, and D.N.A. groups (Discover, Nurture, Act)]

The Gospel Fluent Leadership experience is guided by one of our trained coaches, a seasoned gospel practitioner, whose main goal is to make space for you to get centered on Christ.

A missional culture is a gospel culture and vice-a-versa. But a gospel culture doesn’t start with others; it starts with Christ’s work in you. That’s what this cohort is about.

We are looking forward to going on the journey with you. Apply today!

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