What is Discipleship? Lesson 1: Defining Discipleship Lesson 1: Defining Discipleship



The way we define “disciple” shapes how we define “discipleship.” This lesson defines a disciple by looking at Jesus’ words as He calls and commissions His first disciples, and defines discipleship based on what we see in the Bible. We then display how biblical discipleship cannot happen in just an hour or two a week, but involves every aspect of our lives.




  • How are these definitions of “disciple” and “discipleship” similar or different than what you’ve previously thought, and why?
  • Why are “life on life,” “life in community,” and “life on mission” all vital aspects of discipleship? Which aspect is hardest for you and why?
  • Is my community presently set up in a way that we could disciple each other in the ways described? If not, what changes could we pursue?