Life-on-Life Discipleship Lesson 3: Discipleship in Everyday Rhythms, Part 2 Lesson 3: Discipleship in Everyday Rhythms, Part 2



In this lesson, Jeff looks at three more everyday rhythms of our lives. We ask how listening and sharing stories can be elements of life-on-life discipleship, and how we can reflect God’s blessing to us by blessing others. We consider how our words and theirs can help or hinder the discipleship efforts of our everyday lives. And we look at ways to infuse God’s story into the stories of others.




  • What are some of the dominant voices that you listen to in your everyday life? In what ways do those voices point you toward or away from Jesus?
  • To be a true rhythm, each element Jeff described requires two “sides”: if listening is one side of a rhythm, sharing stories might be the other; if blessing others is one side of a rhythm, receiving from others might be the other side. How are both sides of both rhythms necessary and impactful in life-on-life discipleship as well?
  • Combining content from Lessons 2 and 3, what would it look like to see meals as opportunities to bless others, listen, and share stories? What meals will you commit to doing that for the coming month?