Discipleship in Community Lesson 2: Reflecting the Love of the Father, Together Lesson 2: Reflecting the Love of the Father, Together



Discipleship in community starts with who we are. Only when we believe who God is and what He has done, and only when we understand who we are because of God’s work can we disciple others with the love of Christ. In this lesson, Jeff talks about how God does through us what He first did to us. He shares from the experience of his own missional community as he reminds us that our call to “love others”—which is vital for discipleship—starts with remembering that we are first children of an unconditionally loving Father, and thus family with one another.




  • Why is it vital to understand discipleship as starting with God’s work and our identity in Him, rather than our actions?
  • What opportunities does discipleship in community give us to reflect the love of our Father together?
  • What does it mean that as God’s people, we are His children and brothers and sisters to one another, and thus important for each other’s growth?