Lesson 3: Discipleship as We Display the Gospel - Saturate
Lesson 1: Gospel-Centered Discipleship
Lesson 2: Discipleship from Our Missionary Identity
Lesson 3: Discipleship as We Display the Gospel
Lesson 4: Discipleship as We Declare the Gospel
Final Exercise: Knowing Your Mission Field

Lesson 3: Discipleship as We Display the Gospel



Jeff gets practical as he discusses various realities of displaying the gospel, which is a common aspect of discipleship on mission. Since missionaries are sent to people and places, he charges us to pray for God’s harvest and for workers, to be consistent and intentional, and shape our everyday rhythms and meals around the people and places God sends each of us. We get to know peoples’ stories, and we share our stories and God’s story as well.




  • Which of the examples that Jeff shared particularly resonated with you, and what might God the Spirit be prompting in you through that resonance?
  • How can each of these examples intentionally involve Jesus, and thus become aspects of discipleship?
  • What things could your own community begin doing, as you creatively discern what rhythms you can adopt for discipleship on mission?