Discipleship on Mission Lesson 1: Gospel-Centered Discipleship Lesson 1: Gospel-Centered Discipleship



NOTE: Lesson 1 is the same for our “Life on Life,” “Life in Community,” and “Life on Mission” Discipleship Courses. We feel that starting with a gospel foundation is just that important, for all three discipleship environments. If you’ve already walked through the content in another course, then consider this Lesson 1 a quick refresher before moving on to the rest of the lessons in this course.

Jesus is the only right starting point for any Christian discipleship! In this lesson, Jeff asks us to consider how deeply we understand the gospel, and how it’s impacting us in this moment. What we believe about God and what He does, and about ourselves and what we do—and cannot do—defines the starting point for our own discipleship. In this lesson, we consider how Jesus’ perfect obedience is a model for ours, and we see how He is “the true and better everything.” The gospel is the foundation of life-on-life discipleship.




  • Why is this reminder of the gospel—which most Christians would say is the center of their life—the essential starting point as we consider a life of discipleship?
  • In full honesty, what aspects of Jesus’ work on your behalf do you currently find yourself forgetting, disbelieving, or ignoring in your everyday life?
  • What are some ways that Jesus’ perfect obedience, power, and work on your behalf is specifically good news to you today?