Discipleship on Mission Lesson 4: Discipleship as We Declare the Gospel Lesson 4: Discipleship as We Declare the Gospel



God calls Christians to live a life that displays the change Jesus made in us. But in this final lesson, Ben talks about everyday ways that followers of Jesus can “give a defense” for the hope we have. Every time we have the chance to share the gospel, we experience a moment of personal discipleship: “Do I really believe this?” “Is this important to me?” “Am I taking a Christlike posture as I share?” Each posture and belief reflects a heart-level reality of our discipleship, and impacts the discipleship of the people to whom God sent us.




  • What are some of the beliefs and postures that can help us as we share the gospel winsomely? How does each of those beliefs and postures stem from our own heart-level discipleship?
  • What are some different “angles of the diamond” from which you can share the gospel with specific people in your life, and how does each of those reflect an area of belief in your own life?
  • What are some of the reasons that keep us from sharing the gospel, and what “truth in love” do we need to hear from others?