This course’s last lesson gives a glimpse into the life of a missional community in Tacoma, WA. With stories of various participants and vignettes into the life and activity of this community, we see the simple, everyday, but supernatural life of discipleship, mission, and ministry that can happen in the context of a community, devoted to God and each other. Thank you to our friends at Verge Network for shooting, producing, and sharing this video with us.




  • What elements of discipleship do you see embodied in the practices of this missional community, and how does this view compare/contrast with your perception of discipleship?
  • Considering Lessons 1-3, how do you see the elements Jeff described put in practice in this video, and what are some aspects you could begin implementing in your own community?
  • In what ways do you see the gospel as both a missional community’s motivation and its goal? How does its action both start and end with who God is and what God does, shaping every aspect of who we are?