Lesson 3: Discover - Saturate

Intro to DNA Groups

Lesson 1: What is a DNA Group and Why is it Important?
Lesson 2: How To Form a DNA Group
Lesson 3: Discover
Lesson 4: Nurture
Lesson 5: Act
Final Exercise: How to Share Your Story

Lesson 3: Discover



In this lesson, Abe explains why this type of meeting often needs some structure to maintain its focus. Abe dives deeper into the first of three elements of a DNA group: the goal of “discover” is to teach the head through studying the Bible and asking questions.




  • Why is the Bible such a vital part of discipleship? (This may sound like an obvious question, but spend time thoughtfully answering it.)
  • Have you historically viewed the Bible more about you or about God? How can you increasingly develop a God-centered approach to the Bible?
  • How might this step in the DNA process help a community on mission be more effective at making disciples?