Lesson 2: How To Form a DNA Group - Saturate

Intro to DNA Groups

Lesson 1: What is a DNA Group and Why is it Important?
Lesson 2: How To Form a DNA Group
Lesson 3: Discover
Lesson 4: Nurture
Lesson 5: Act
Final Exercise: How to Share Your Story

Lesson 2: How To Form a DNA Group



In this second lesson, Abe discusses the important first stage of a new DNA group. This formative season sets the tone and trajectory for the future of the group. Abe explains that members of new DNA’s should take time to share their own stories (with Jesus as the hero of that story), and to listen to each other’s hearts.




  • Why do you think that taking time to share and listen to each other’s stories is a vital first step for forming the kind of relationship described in Lessons 1-2?
  • Do you know how to share your life story, briefly and with Jesus as the clear hero? How can you practice sharing your story with people in your close community?
  • How can a DNA group be a helpful part of making disciples in a missional community environment?