Lesson 4: The Gospel in Me, Part 2 - Saturate
Lesson 1: What is Gospel Fluency?
Lesson 2: Everyone is an Unbeliever
Lesson 3: The Gospel in Me, Part 1
Lesson 4: The Gospel in Me, Part 2
Final Exercise: Fruit to Root

Lesson 4: The Gospel in Me, Part 2


The fruit of our lives reveals the roots of our faith. Every behavior is rooted in our belief about who God is. Four questions can help us trace the fruit that is being produced in our lives to the roots of belief or unbelief in our hearts. We will walk through a process that helps us replace unbelief with the truth about God. 




  • What are some thoughts, actions, emotions, etc. you’ve experienced recently that might be “bad fruit”? 
  • What are some truths about yourself—or about God, the promises He makes, or His work—that you might be disbelieving that led to those thoughts, actions, emotions, etc.?
  • How can you battle the lies and unbelief and replace the “bad root” with a good root? What good fruit would come from believing the truth about God, His promises, or His work accomplished on your behalf?