The Gospel in Community Lesson 3: Gospeling Each Others’ Hearts Lesson 3: Gospeling Each Others’ Hearts



How is our behavior an indicator of what is happening in our hearts, and how does this affect the way in which we fight sin? In this lesson, Jeff shares an example from his own family, going beyond outward “fruit” (behavior modification), and getting to the “root” (heart-level belief in God). True change starts with a new understanding of who God is, and we often need one another to discover what we believe about God.




  • Where have you been prone to emphasize behavior modification (“fruit”) as opposed to heart transformation (“root”) with yourself or others?
  • How can you and your community start moving toward the root of faith in each other’s lives?
  • Who is someone you will share an area of struggle with, let you practice a “fruit to root” process, and will help you grow in asking these kinds of questions?