The Gospel in Community Lesson 4: Speaking and Hearing Good News, Together Lesson 4: Speaking and Hearing Good News, Together



In this final lesson, Jackie Hill Perry discusses the importance of speaking and hearing the gospel in our everyday lives. She shares the need for church communities to rehearse ways the gospel continues to change believers’ hearts. Then Jeff wraps up our course by reminding us to speak truly good news, that Jesus is the better everything.




  • What has been your experience seeing the Bible as primarily about God and His work, not about us?
  • Why is it so important for Christian community to remind each other of the gospel’s impact on various aspects of our everyday lives? Why is this so hard?
  • Do you slip into the traps of “just being nice,” or speaking “gospel-ish”? How can you practice speaking a clear gospel that truly sounds like good news to other people’s struggles and needs?