The Gospel for the World Lesson 1: God’s Mission Throughout God’s Story Lesson 1: God’s Mission Throughout God’s Story



God has been calling His people back to Himself since humanity’s first sin in Genesis 3. In this first lesson, Ben Connelly briefly overviews the Bible, seeing God’s redemptive work foreshadowed through the whole New Testament, and mankind’s involvement in that work at every step. Through Jesus, God first does a good work in us, then He calls His people to display and declare that same good work to the world around us.




  • In what ways do you see God’s priests, judges, prophets, and even some kings pointing forward to the good work Jesus accomplished through His cross and resurrection?
  • How does it impact you to consider that God’s good work in you leads to His good work through you?
  • What does it mean that we have a role to play in God’s mission, and that our role is simply one step in a long line of gospel-shaped missionaries?